Q. I have a relative who worked at the Factory. Can I access their employee records?

The Museum has gained access to the employee records up to 1942 and is in the process of scanning them. All enquiries about ex-employees that can not be answered immediately are placed into a file and answered as the information becomes available.

Q. What sort of information does the Museum have on SAF commercial production?

The Museum's records covering commercial production are patchy. Unfortunately many records were destroyed when no longer needed by the Factory. There are managers reports, photographs, catalogues, production schedules, workflow sheets and blueprints for some items. We are still sorting the archives and gems occasionally pop up. As time permits and material becomes available we will be adding new fact sheets on various aspects of Factory production. If you have a special interest and cannot find any information on our website please send us an email and we will do our best to help.

Q. Can you tell me the history of my rifle?

The Factory kept no records of rifles after they left Factory store and we can give no information on their service history. Sometimes the various military markings stamped onto a rifle after it left the Factory can give you some idea of its history. (See the question below).

Q. Can you tell me what the markings on my rifle mean?

You can download a fact sheet on the common markings found on Lithgow manufactured SMLE rifles here. If your rifle has markings other than these you will need to send us a clear photo of the markings and showing where they are on the rifle.

Q. Can you give me information on my Lithgow Slazenger rifle?

The Museum holds some records of when the Slazenger rifles left the Factory. We are currently researching the Lithgow Model 1 and the Lithgow Slazenger single shot and magazine rifles. You can help with our research by providing us with the serial number we may be able to tell you when it left the Factory. Due to the void of information available on the Slazengers we are working a book on them and hope to have it available in the near future. If you would like to register your interest in this book please email us with your contact details. We are commonly asked if we hold spares for Slazenger rifles - we don't.

Q. Can you supply spare parts for my rifle or tell me where I can get them?

The Museum holds no spares for sale. You might like to try one of the gun shows held around the country or your local gun shop. There are also a number of web sites that sell guns and spare parts.

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Enquiries about weapons

If you cannot find the answers on SAF produced weapons here please Email us.

Enquiries about Lithgow SAF commercial production

If you cannot find the answers here please Email us.

Enquiries about Factory history

If you cannot find the answers here please Email us.

"The Lithgow Small Arms Factory and its People" by Tony Griffiths is a comprehensive history of the Factory, its people and its production over two volumes. It is available from the Museum Shop.

Enquiries about relatives who worked at SAF

The Museum is currently digitising employee records from 1912 to 1942. Enquiries about employees of Lithgow SAF between those years are welcome. We have only just acquired records post-1942 and are currently cleaning and indexing them. Because of the age of some of these records there may be access restrictions. The Museum is volunteer run and understaffed. Results may take some time, but we will get to your enquiry as soon as we can.

For enquiries about a relative who worked at the Factory, please email us with as much information as you can including your relative's full name, date of birth and the period they worked at the factory.

All other enquiries

please Email us.