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Books on history

Lithgow's Small Arms Factory & Its People Lithgow's Small Arms Factory and it's People (Vol 1: 1907 - 1950 & Vol 2: 1950 - 1990)
by Tony Griffiths.
Soft cover, 448 pages & 360 pages

A comprehensive history of Lithgow's Small Arms Factory. Not only about guns but also the industrial and social effort needed to make them. Also deals with Lithgow's relationship with the iconic factory.

Price: $30.00 per volume
Postage: $13.80
Weight: approx 650g per volume
Lithgow SAF - A History in Photographs Lithgow Small Arms Factory - A History in Photographs
Published by Lithgow SAF Museum
A4 booklet, soft cover, 64 pages

Themes include early production sections and employees, women workers, commercial manufacture, industrial matters, the feeder factories, modernisation, and the connections between the Factory and the community.

Price: $16.00
Postage: $5.50
Weight: approx 250g
The Enfield Inch The Enfield Inch & The Lithgow .303
A tale of metrology from Australian firearm folklaw.
By Tony Griffiths
Soft cover, 86 pages.

The story behind a pedantic British measurement system and its failings make an intriguing tale of engineering and measurement in a straight-forward way that renders it both interesting and easily understandable to the non-technical reader.

Price: $22.00
Postage: $5.50
Weight: approx 175g
An Industrial Invasion An Industrial Invasion
Australian Civilian Volunteers in British Factories 1916 - 1920
By Tony Griffiths
Soft cover, 134 pages.

The story of Australian civilian men who volunteered to go and work in British factories during WWI, an effort Winston Churchill called ‘An Industrial Invasion’.

Price: $25.00 (Few left)
Postage: $5.50
Weight: approx 450g
Griffiths book bundle Tony Griffiths book bundle
Includes 4 books by Tony Griffiths

'Lithgow's Small Arms Factory & it's People' Vols 1 & 2, 'The Enfield Inch & the Lithgow .303' and 'An Industrial Invasion, Australian Civilian Volunteers in British Factories 1916 - 1920'.

Price: $95.00 (Few left)
Postage: $13.80
Weight: approx 1.9kg
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Books on firearms & Ordnance

Hayes Handgun Omnibus Hayes Handgun Omnibus
by Ron Hayes & Ian Skennerton.
Hard cover with dust jacket, A4 sized, 592 pages

Catalogued encyclopedia of pistols and revolvers of the Ron Hayes collection that is now on display in the Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum. A full colour indispensible reference guide for the handgun enthusiast.

Price: $99.00
Postage: $13.80
Weight: approx 2.3kg
The Lee Enfield The Lee Enfield
A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines.
By Ian Skennerton
Hard cover with dust jacket, A4 sized, 608 pages.

The definitive resource on Lee Enfield rifles and their derivatives. Updated successor to 'The Lee-Enfield Story'. Includes Serial Numbers, Hybrids, Components Evolution, Ammunition, etc.

Price: $99.00
Postage: $13.80
Weight: approx 2.3kg
Arms Cavalcade Centenary Edition Arms Cavalcade - Special SAF Centenary Edition
Journal of the Australian Antique Arms Collector's Society
Glossy magazine, 24 pages.

Special edition to commemorate the centenary of Lithgow Small Arms Factory. Contains artistic photographs of some of the rarer items in the Museum collection and a short factory history.

Price: $7.00
Postage: $3.50
Weight: approx 140g
.380 Enfield No 2 Revolver .380 Enfield No. 2 Revolver
By Mark Stamps & Ian Skennerton
Hard & soft covers, 126 pages.

British service revolvers were made by contractors, primarily Webley. But in the 1920s, RSAF production began and variants introduced; World War 2 production was farmed out to Scotland’s Albion works. A few were made by HAC in NSW, Australia during World War 2 as well.

Price: Soft cover $22.00, Hard cover $33.00
Postage: $8.50 (Few left. Out of print.)
Weight: Soft approx 280g, Hard approx 400g
Small Arms Identification Series
Small Arms Identification Series (SAIS)
By Ian Skennerton
Soft cover, 48 pages.

Contain practical information, most with exploded drawings, stripping and assembly information and parts lists.

Price: $12.00 ea
Postage: $4.50
Weight: approx 180g

#1 .303 Rifle No. 1 S.M.L.E.
#2 .303 Rifle No 4 Mks I & I*, Mks 1/2, 1/3 & 2
#3 9mm Austen Mk I & Owen MkI SMG
#4 .303 Rifle No. 5 Mk I
#5 .303 Bren Light Machine Gun
#11 9mm Sten Machine Carbine Mks 1, 1*, 2 & 3
#12 7.62mm L1 & C1 F.A.L. Rifles
#21 .30 Cal. Browning Model 1919A4 Machine Gun
#22 British Empire Sniper Rifles
#23 Lee Enfield Parts Catalogue
Small Arms User Handbooks Series
Small Arms User Handbooks Series
By Ian Skennerton
Soft cover booklets 35 pages.

Contains identification, stripping & assembly, service & maintenance, operation & function, illustrated parts lists, accessories & spares, historical memoranda and additional references.

Price: $8.00 ea
Postage: $3.50
Weight: approx 60g

#5 7.62mm US M14 Rifle
#6 5.56mm AR-15 & M-16
#9 Winchester .22 Model 61
#11 12ga Winchester Model 12
#12 12ga Winchester Model 97
#15 7.62 x 39mm AK-47
#17 Mauser Rifles & Carbines
#19 9mm Luger P'08 Pistol
#22 7.62mm F.N. F.A.L.
#23 .303 SMLE
#24 .303 Rifle No. 4
#26 6.5mm Arisaka Type 38
#27 7.7mm Arisaka Type 99
#31 .30 US Krag Rifle & Carbine
#33 7.5mm MAS Rifle
Technical Publications by DP & G
Technical Publications
By DP&G Publications
Soft cover booklets.

The notes of talks given at the Imperial United Services and other organisations by prominent experts during the mid to late 1800's.

Price: $18.00 ea (Few left of all titles)
Postage: $3.50
Weight: approx 125g

The Progress of Breech-loading Small Arms C1875, By John Latham
Revolvers and their Use C.1886, By Major H E C Kitchener, D C L I
Gunlocks & their History C.1859, By Mr Robert Pritchett
Early Breech-loaders, By Mr John Latham
British Small Arms of World War 2 British Small Arms of World War 2
By Ian Skennerton
Hard cover, 110 pages.

This study details the wide range of small arms used by the British forces in World War 2 including Makers and Suppliers codes, with specific details of the various contracts. An invaluable guide for the serious researcher, collector and student of small arms and military history.

Price: $33.00 (Few left. Out of print.)
Postage: $8.50
Weight: approx 360g
Identification Handbook of British Grenades Identification Handbook of British Grenades
By Rick Landers
Soft cover, 48 pages.

A precis of 'Grenade: British and Commonwealth Hand and Rifle Grenades', intended as a ready reference manual for easy indentification of all grenades in the British 'numerical series'. It covers Grenades No.1 to No.95 with accompanying text, specifications, illustrations and photos.

Price: $21.00 (Few left)
Postage: $3.50
Weight: approx 190g
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